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You can access the Market from the main screen.


You have the option to to buy heroes(which in turn can unlock their factions campaign) or cosmetic items such as avatars, taunts and card backsides.

The purchases are instant and account bound, and not refundable under normal circumstances. The money you use in DragonEvo goes directly to fund our servers, new gameplay, new card art and developer coffee.

Currencies[edit | edit source]

In Dragonevo you have 2 currencies:

Gold[edit | edit source]

Gold is earned by playing games and can sometimes be aquired with the booster packs you recieve. Gold cannot be bought with real life money and cannot be traded. But you may trade in a card you don't like and recieve some refund depending on the cards value.

Adaptorite[edit | edit source]

Adaptorite is the currency that is used to level up your cards. This is not your typical GEM currency that you can buy with your credit card and by doing so Pay2Win, no, this currency is only obtainable by playing the game.