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(WIP) In a normal match, you will also have a hero card in your deck.

This special card is the leader of your deck, and must be in play on the board at all times.

The goal of the game is to get rid of the opponent hero - if your hero dies, you lose the game.

The different factions in the Dragon Evo universe have specific play styles, and you may want to choose the one that fits your play style best.

There are three factions to choose between: Hologev, Rutai and Highwinds - all with different play styles, strengths and weaknesses.

Hologev[edit | edit source]

The Hologev have specialized in ranged combat. Protecting their ranged units behind a powerful frontline, ranged attacks are the Hologevs specialty.

Rutai[edit | edit source]

The military machine of the Rutai will flex their muscles at you any chance they get. Raw power, strong attacks and armor is the recipe for success with the Rutai.

Highwinds (for experienced players)[edit | edit source]

The Highwinds are tough to play with. Weak, strange attacks. But find their specialty and use it well, and you can crush even the most experienced enemy.

(Not recommended for new players)