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Getting Started

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Welcome to DragonEvo TCG! We're glad you're here! This guide is to help you get on your feet and become a decent adversary.

Sign Up / Login[edit | edit source]

DragonEvo TCG is a open free-to-play game! You don't need to download anything, just point your browser here and create yourself an account if you have not done so already

Beginning[edit | edit source]

When you first log in you will be shown a screen which looks something like this:

Follow the instructions and create yourself an avatar. The next step is to select a deck for your first tutorial game.


The tutorial is fairly simple and will help you get your bearings. Once you have completed the little tutorial game you will be able to choose your Faction and create your Hero.

Factions have their strengths and weaknesses as well as different heroes. The faction you select will also decide which Story you will be able to play in Story mode(TBA).

Play to learn[edit | edit source]

With the tutorial out of the way you are now free to play DragonEvo TCG the way you want. We have several game modes, both against AI or other players. Chat in the lobby or talk to the community on discord if you are stuck. And remember to log in each day to collect your daily login reward as well as do daily Quests(TBA)

Adventure Mode[edit | edit source]

Adventure (also known as Adventure Mode) are single-Player game mode where you do mini-stories or mini-quests that reveal a part of the DragonEvo lore. Adventures can be found by choosing "Story & Quest" mode.


You will be pitted against special set of enemies where you will face a new challenge each time. Some of the creatures you will meet and some of the game rules can only be experienced here in adventure mode or in the upcoming Story mode. Some adventures have a minimum level requirements, but you can "safely" ignore these on your own risk. You will not be able to dive deeper into the adventure until you have beaten the preceding adventure. We will also add a Dragon mode which will be an almost impossible version of every adventure and quests.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Upon completing an adventure you will receive a special reward for that adventure.

Upon completing over all adventures and all stories you will receive an exclusive card back, which you will only be able to hold as long as there are no adventures or stories left to be played. Upon adding additional quests or stories you will lose this card back and must complete the remaining adventures before receiving the card back again.

Upon completing all stories and quests in Dragon mode you will receive another exclusive card back to show your skills to all other players.

Adventure matches can earn the player Adaptorite and/or Gold.

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Deckbuilding[edit | edit source]

How to build your deck[edit | edit source]

A strong deck is a diverse one. You can select any cards from your collection to make a deck consisting of a group of 14 cards. It is with your deck along with your selected hero that you will be facing your opponents. You can create as many decks as you would like. But you need to use cards in the same faction as the selected hero or world cards.


29.07.2019: The Deckbuilder and Equipment is currently undergoing some design changes. We are also changing the rules of the game which will in turn reflect on the number of cards you can have in your deck. Revert back to this page later once the "Frozen fish" update is released to see the new changes.

How to Equp your cards[edit | edit source]

Select any card from your deck and you will see the equipment screen. Here you can equip your card* with all** the equipment you have either bought or won


  • Not all cards can be equipped. Typicaly very powerful humanoids and creatures that don't use clothes & weapons will not be equippable.
    • Equipment with a level higher than the selected card will be displayed as "greyed out"

Combat Power[edit | edit source]

Combat power or CP for short, is the estimated strenght of your deck. The health, damage and level ofnthe cards in your current deck all increases your total deck CP. Remember still that a deck at strenght 95cp can still win over a deck with 150cp... you just need to play your cards right.

How to level up or Upgrade your cards[edit | edit source]

All creature and Hero cards can be upgraded or leveled up. Maximum level is currently at 20. Health and Damage, and sometimes DMP, will be upgraded when you level up.


To level up you need a card at the same lvl and type as the one you want to level up and you need Adaptorite. Adaptorite is earned while you play, both against AI in story/adventure mode and in PVP matches. Think of the crystals as XP.

You gain 1 adaptorite for loosing a game, and 2 adaptorite for winning a game.

To level up a card go to your collection and select the card you wish to level up. As mentioned you need Adaptorite (increases per level) and you need to sacrfice a card at same level and type as the one you are leveling up. It is here important to think who you want to keep. As when you are buying a card you sometimes get a card that does more or less damage or has more health or DMP as a similar card.


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