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This is a quick introduction to the game's gameplay. The different game modes likes quest, battlefield, story and more. If this is your first time, head over to the Game Guide sections which offers a more indepth and detailed information about your first game, game types, card types etc.

More info will be added later...

Story[edit | edit source]

Story mode is a singleplayer game mode where you play out your factions side of the Dragon Evo story. Begin with a simple deck in the first chapter and from chapter 2 you can choose to keep the current deck or create a new one from your exsisting cards. (cards uncovered in the story is also available to chose from.)

More info later on...

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quests or missions, are mini stories where you can discover secrets of the Dragon Evo universe. Discover valuable resources, adaporite, or other special artifacts.

Training[edit | edit source]

Training is a way to test your deck against a selection of AI decks. Choose the deck you need to test out and select your oppontents deck. This way you can see if your deck fare well against a wide variety of enemies.

Quick Battle[edit | edit source]

Quick battl lets you battle agains a online player.

In the menu select "multiplayer". [image]

Once in the lobby you can challenge someone or just click "Quick Battle". If no opponent is found within 20 seconds you will be matched with a AI. [Image]

Once the match is initiated you will be in the game lobby where you can chat and decide on specific rules. If nothing is changed it will be a standard 11 creature card match. (Custom "Quick Battle" is not available in current Early Access)

Select which card deck you want to bring with you [Image]

and then click play [Image]

Battlefield(TBA)[edit | edit source]

Play a friend[edit | edit source]

Want to battle a friend? Select him from the list and select "match". This will initiate a match request with that player. If he is offline he will recieve the invite as soon as he gets online. A friend match can span over days and is over when you want it to be... or when one of you win.

Tournament(TBA)[edit | edit source]

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