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Game mode

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Game modes is where you decide how you want to play in DragonEvo.

Each Game modes have their own features and rewards, but all game modes follows the basic ruleset of DragonEvo with certain variations depending on which game mode you select.

Story and Quests[edit | edit source]

Play through the amazing story of Dragon Evo!

Experience the lands of Tyrenir and play through an epic story of rise, fall and betrayal - or complete individual quests!

In story and Quests you can decide to play one of the Factions main stories or play a series of individual adventures/quests to reveal part of the DragonEvo lore.

Main Story[edit | edit source]


Adventure[edit | edit source]

Adventure (also known as Adventure Mode) are single-Player game mode where you do mini-stories or mini-quests that reveal a part of the DragonEvo lore. Adventures can be found by choosing "Story & Quest" mode.


You will be pitted against special set of enemies where you will face a new challenge each time. Some of the creatures you will meet and some of the game rules can only be experienced here in adventure mode or in the upcoming Story mode. Some adventures have a minimum level requirements, but you can "safely" ignore these on your own risk. You will not be able to dive deeper into the adventure until you have beaten the preceding adventure. We will also add a Dragon mode which will be an almost impossible version of every adventure and quests.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Upon completing an adventure you will receive a special reward for that adventure.

Upon completing over all adventures and all stories you will receive an exclusive card back, which you will only be able to hold as long as there are no adventures or stories left to be played. Upon adding additional quests or stories you will lose this card back and must complete the remaining adventures before receiving the card back again.

Upon completing all stories and quests in Dragon mode you will receive another exclusive card back to show your skills to all other players.

Adventure matches can earn the player Adaptorite and/or Gold.

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Ranked play[edit | edit source]

Find and play against online opponents to earn ranking points, gold and adaptorite!

Climb the ranks to become the highest ranked player!

Training[edit | edit source]

Unranked matches are your training grounds.

Play against human or AI opponents to improve your skills or experiment with new decks or play styles.