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Attack Types[edit | edit source]

What do all these symbols mean you say? Look no furhter.

Melee[edit | edit source]


Melee can attack anyone directly open to him. That means if you position a card in front of your melee card he will be blocked. The best place to position a melee unit is on the front lane where he can attack anyone on the opposing front lane. Should a card on the front lane of the opposing team die, he will then be able to attack the card behind.

Ranged[edit | edit source]


Ranged units can shoot over 1 lane. So if you position the ranged unit on the back lane he can shoot the opposing front lane. Placing a ranged unit on the front lane will let him attack any card on the board, but in return expose him for anyone to attack.

Attack bonuses[edit | edit source]

All[edit | edit source]

Repeat[edit | edit source]


The repeat attack will allow the card to attack several times.

Example: 3hp + 4HP x1-3 - This means the initial attack will damage 3hp and will damage 4hp 1-3 times that same round.

Adjacent[edit | edit source]


Adjacent attacks will attack the card over and under the selected card.

This attack type will deal most damage to your enemey when you attack a middle card, allowing it to damage both over and under.

Behind[edit | edit source]


Behind attacks will attack a front card and the one behind it.

The card behind will get reduced damage though.

Row[edit | edit source]

Attack Effects[edit | edit source]

Stun[edit | edit source]

Bleed[edit | edit source]