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Getting Started[edit | edit source]

Getting started section can be found here Getting started

To read more about the different factions or some of the available units they

have go to factions or Card.

Start a game[edit | edit source]

Now that your Hero is ready and you have your starter pack. Click on the Play button and select your game type.



Game modes[edit | edit source]

How To Play[edit | edit source]

Underneath you will see all the current "How to Play" videos for Dragonevo. If you are more of a Text person, you can skip over these videos and read all you need instead.

Training mode:[edit | edit source]

Can't wait to play? Here is a quick overview to get you started. (come back later as we update the game guide for more and updated information)

Let's begin with the gameboard.

Board Overview[edit | edit source]


Positioning & Upkeep[edit | edit source]

Positioning & Upkeep is an important part of the game and how you position your cards may decide if you win or lose the game.


Before we begin, make sure your gold is never in the red ingame as this will directly affect your heroes health. Your current upkeep can be viewed by hover over the goldbag on your avatar and see the stats: Upkeep.PNG

Most cards generate og uses gold while on the board, and some have gold generating actions. You can see this at the top of the card if it generates or uses gold. To use a Gold or Action Scroll action, select the card and click either the gold bag on your avatar or the action scroll container.

At the bottom of the screen is your selected deck of cards - your hand.

The game starts with each player placing out their cards. In the example above on the bottom left row, we have an archer behind a Sword Dancer Card. The opposite team cannot attack the archer with any melee unit as he is protected by the one in front.

In return though the ranged unit can only attack the front row of the oppontent side. The Sword Dancer, being a melee unit, can also just attack the front row, but had these two cards switched places, the ranged unit would have been able to attack any of the opponent cards, but in return exposed himself. You can always hover your mouse over the cards to highlight which cards you can attack.

In this initial phase of the game placing down cards is free, but once the turns begins, moving around cards will cost Action points(AP). If one of your cards gets killed you can place a new card from your hand on the vacant slot for free.

Once you feel satisifed, click the ready button at the top to begin the game.

Card Mechanics[edit | edit source]

When attacking your opponent there are some strategic elements to keep in mind. The rows and lanes is there to give you the opportunity to position your cards in a way that let's you attack but also defend your weakest cards. You can read more about the different Card Mechanics Here

Main attack types are Melee and Ranged.

Underneath your Hero avatar you see gold and AP(action points). All cards generate a base income of gold and you receive 3 AP for each turn. How much gold you generate is indicated in the parenthesis underneath your current gold amount.

Some actions may give you more AP and some actions will grant you a onetime boost of gold.

To attack select a card you wish to use and select the target. Abilities that generate gold can target the gold pile.

Card Info:[edit | edit source]


The heart at the top left is your cards health. At the top right, some cards may have a coin symbol, this is the ammount of gold you aquire from this card after each round it is in play.(all cards have a base income while in play)

On the bottom right you see a shield. The shield is a defence modifier called DMP and you can read more about it a bit further down in this section.

All cards have 1 action.

The action has a name, damage info and cost. The cost tells you how much ingame gold you have to spend to use this action. Down on the left you have the type and ammount of damage your card can deliver as well as the cost of that attack. You can hover your mouse over to read more information about the attack.

Playing the game[edit | edit source]


You will each take turns to attack eachothers cards, but keep an eye on your gold and action points(AP). These two are essential to winning the game. As each action cost a certain ammount of

gold and AP you may find yourself out of gold and not able to use your actions. Taking good care of your peasants/villagers while attacking is key to winning the game.

XP and Gold[edit | edit source]

After each game you recieve XP and Gold. XP is called Adaptorite, and can be earned by playing the game. The gold can be used to buy new cards on the Market.

Everyone who participates in a game recieves a certain ammount of gold. You are rewarded gold for each enemy card you destroy, so if you see yourself losing a battle, it is a good idea to try and take down as many cards you can before you lose.

Card Types[edit | edit source]

There are several different card types. You can read more those here

Gametypes[edit | edit source]

Dragon Evo has much more to offer and as the early access expans we will add more gameplay features and gametypes.

As they appear ingame you can read more about them in this section.

 Quest & Story[edit | edit source]

The single player part of the game has a Story mode and Quest mode.

Story:[edit | edit source]

Story mode is the story of your selected hero. There are currently 3 main factions which all have their own story. As you progress through your story, you will learn more about the DragonEvo lore and different cards. You will also gain consumable items and quest related items which in turn will help you get new creature cards and better equipment that you can use in the other game modes.

Some parts of the story require your hero to be a certain level, so you may find yourself needing to fight a few quickmatches, or quests to gain the needed level. You can offcourse replay some of the story battles to get a better completion level of that quest, but that's up to you.

More info about this will be revealed later.

Quest:[edit | edit source]

Quests are mini stories that you can explore to learn more about the Dragon Evo universe and its secrets. Some quests have item requirments, for example: If you want to travel around in the desert, you need to have enough water and proviant to last through the longest quests. Climbing a mountain? Then perhaps you need a climbing rope. Going out on the water? Then you need a boat.

More info about this will be revealed later.

Level up[edit | edit source]


To level up you need a card at the same lvl as the one you want to level up and you need Adaptorite (crystals). The crystals is earned while you play, both against AI in story/adventure mode and in PVP matches. Think of the crystals as XP.

You gain 1 adaptorite for losing a game, and 2 adaptorite for winning a game.

To level up a card click on the card icon in the game, select collection and select the card you wish to level up. As mentioned you need Adaptorite (increases per level) and you need to sacrifice a card at same level and type as the one you are leveling up.

 Game Difficulty[edit | edit source]

info TBA

Playing With Friends[edit | edit source]

Info TBA

Player vs. Player[edit | edit source]

Info TBA

Profile[edit | edit source]

In your profile you can manage your PM, see stats and information about your profile. This is also where you manage your Heroes.

More info later.

Market[edit | edit source]

Market is the place to exchange or buy units, creatures or items.

Market info TBA

Tavern & Tables[edit | edit source]

Tavern & Tables info TBA

Deck Builder[edit | edit source]

The deck builder is your way to success. All cards can be upgraded and equipped, but how you put togheter your deck may decide the outcome of the battle. You can use your creature and item cards across all decks, so if you have 30 cards and you use 15 in one deck, you can still select from all 30 if you decide to create more alternative decks.

More info later in our Deckbuilder guide

Upgrade/Enchantment[edit | edit source]

All creature cards can be upgraded, and item cards can both be upgraded, enhanced or upgraded using special items you can find or win during both single player quest or multiplayer games.

Your Decks[edit | edit source]

You can have multiple decks. Perhaps you one day decide to have just ranged units in your army, then go ahead, make that happen. If you are more of an allround kind of guy then mix them up and pack them togheter. More info later in our Deckbuilder guide

Battlefield[edit | edit source]

Battlefield info TBA

Tournament[edit | edit source]

Tournament info TBA