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The Hologev:[edit | edit source]

Hologev crest.png

The Hologev were once a peaceful and prosperous nation. They lived in harmony with the

Dragons and regarded them as humankind’s keepers. Their army was small but effective. The

Hologev raised enough soldiers to protect them from outside forces but not enough for the other

nations to consider them a threat to their soveriengty. When the War of Man erupted, their once

mighty empire was reduced nothing more than a nation of refugees hiding in the Snowdrop


The remaining Hologev regrouped and penned a new outlook for their nation. A handful of their

wisest men became monks of Eryndil and formed the Council of Fate. The Council governs their

civil and military affairs. Through careful consideration, the Council appointed Mafius as their

military's ruling general and advisor to the Council.

The Council proclaimed the Hologev as a resistance movement that would work to overthrow the

Rutai’s emperor and his reign of terror. Still true to their benevelent past, the Hologev believe in

justice and harmony between the factions of Man. As farfetched as it may seem, their goal is to

restore the order of nations to ensure that Mankind prevails over threats from within as well as

from without.