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Some of the card backs

Card backs are a visual feature in DragonEvo and gives no advantages in the game. You can replace the standard design on your card deck, and each deck can have their own backside.

The card backside selected for your deck will be displayed in-game, visible to both the player and your opponent. There are several different card backs you can collect each with their unique design.

As a player you can earn card backs through adventures or fulfilling various criteria, such as playing the game in a certain season of the year or having finished all available Adventure.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Currently, there is no way to acquire the backsides other than buying them from the market.

Specific criteria s for aquiring backsides will be revealed later.

Available backsides[edit | edit source]

MainCard.png WinterBack.png SpringBack.png
Main Winter Spring
SummerBack.png FallBack.png AirBack.png
Summer Fall Air

(Coming soon)