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Card Mechanics

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During the game you will encounter many different cards, each with their own strenghts and weaknesses.

Some cards have Abilities. Abilities are special actions, powers, or behaviors that cards have.Some Abilities may have their own action icon, while others may be described in the card's text

Some Abilities may trigger after a time or in response to certain actions. Some Abilities provide ongoing effects to allies or negative effects to your opponent.

The different card mechanics is displayed underneath (WIP)

List of card mechanics[edit | edit source]

Main[edit | edit source]

Melee[edit | edit source]


Melee can attack anyone directly open to him. That means if you position a card in front of your melee card he will be blocked. The best place to position a melee unit is on the front lane where he can attack anyone on the opposing front lane. Should a card on the front lane of the opposing team die, he will then be able to attack the card behind.

Ranged[edit | edit source]


Ranged units can shoot over 1 lane. So if you position the ranged unit on the back lane he can shoot the opposing front lane. Placing a ranged unit on the front lane will let him attack any card on the board, but in return expose him for anyone to attack.

Resource Action[edit | edit source]


Not all action causes damage. Some cards may only generate Action Scrolls or gold, which will be indicated by their main action icon being swapped with the resource they can generate. To use such a card click it and click the corresponding resource.

Keywords[edit | edit source]

Repeat[edit | edit source]


The repeat attack will allow the card to attack several times.

Example: 3hp x3 This means the initial attack will damage 3hp and will damage 3hp 1-3 times that same round.

Adjacent[edit | edit source]


Adjacent attacks will attack the card over and under the selected card. The Damage will be split depending on the ammount of cards it hits. It will always round up, so the minimum damage will always be 1.

This attack type will deal most damage to your enemey when you attack a middle card, allowing it to damage both over and under.

Behind[edit | edit source]


Behind attacks will attack a front card and the one behind it.

The card behind will get 50% of initial damage

Row[edit | edit source]


Row attacks all cards on the same row regardless of which cards you start hitting. The damage will be split based on the ammount of card it hits. Shield will stop the effect from progressing further.

All[edit | edit source]


All icon hits all enemy cards on the board regardless of position rules. The damage will be split depending on the ammount of card it hits, but as always with a minimum value of 1.

Stun & Self Stun[edit | edit source]


A stunned card is a useless card. All adjacent effects are still active, but you cannot attack or use it in any way. Use Sniffing Salt to wake up a stunned card.

Some actions will also cause self stun. Blue-white indicates stun opponent, purple, means the action will cause self stun.

Bleed[edit | edit source]


Bleed will cause the opponent card to take X damage each round. It may look weak but bleed effect is stackable and can quickly become the end for you.

Bleed will get reduced by 1 each round automatically. Bleed can be removed by using items such as bandage

Self Damage[edit | edit source]


Some actions will cause self damage to your cards. This will be indicated by this icon following a number which tells you how much self damage it will inflict. This effect is normally only on very strong attacks.

Deploy[edit | edit source]

Deploy is all effecs that triggers when a card is set into play.This action currently has no Icon and is only displayed as text on a card

Routine[edit | edit source]

Routine is for effects that trigger automatically every X turns. Some happens every own turn and some happens every other turn. Better ingame visuals will be added later to differentiate between the two.

Phoenix[edit | edit source]

Phoenix is all effecs that triggers when a card dies.This action currently has no Icon and is only displayed as text on a card

Taunt[edit | edit source]

A card with taunt effect forces your opponent to attack that card as long as it is on the board or it's taunt effect is active. Effects like all, adjacent etc will still apply.

Retaliate[edit | edit source]

Retaliate are actions that are triggered when an opponent attacks the card. Retaliate are often stronger than the usual attack back action and can sometimes give bonuses to other cards upon Retaliating