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Adaptorite is the things that make dragon fly. That make plants live in a way they should not and is the ingredients of the Alchemist tricks.

Adaptorite comes in differents shapes and colours and have different effects based on types.

Adaptorite is also what you aquire as you play the game. Ingame it is displayed as a GEM symbol, but can not be bought for real money, but can only be aquired by actually playing the game. Some ingame items such as Hero cards can only be bought on the market using Adaptorite.

There are the three main types:

Calm stone.jpg

Calm adaptorite is mostly used for nature type effects. This Adaptorite is mostly found in places where there is lots of Korliah. The Korliah feeds on the Adaptorite and grows stronger and stronger and eventually forms a hive that protects the Adaptorite from strangers.

Dark stone.jpg

Ice stone.jpg

Only found deep in the ice on the top of mountains or far out in the sea

more info later.